The Society for Women of Spirit and Inspiration™ is a women’s networking group for business owners and women in leadership positions. Meetings feature an elegant catered luncheon, world-class live music and inspirational presentations. Membership is by invitation and application only; 100% of membership proceeds benefit the Jolee-Jaffa Music Foundation and are tax deductible.

SWSI is a unique networking group.  Members are a curated group of women in leadership positions seeking to build strong and lasting business and interpersonal relationships but  SWSI members want more – we want to be inspired and our spirits elevated so we can be of the greatest impact to the people we serve. SWSI meetings are designed to provide a respite from the routine and an opportunity to spend a moment in an uplifting environment with like-minded women.

Albert Einstein was asked about his ground-breaking theory of relativity and he said, “It occurred to me by intuition, and music was the driving force behind that intuition. My discovery was the result of musical perception.” Music takes us to a place where we are open to creative thought and new ideas – a place where we can think clearly and make decisions that will move us forward wherever we are in our lives. Each SWSI meeting provides performances of the world’s greatest musical literature with an  emphasis on the Baroque and Classical periods from which emerged the world’s greatest minds in every discipline.

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