Music is a universal language that has a profound ability to unite people who have opposing religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds, encompassing all ages and socioeconomic levels. Through music, walls of distrust can be broken down and trusting relationships can be built.

“There are no languages required in the musical world. In this era of instability and intolerance we need to promote better understanding through the power of music.” 
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
The Ukulele Club of Arizona State University
We are building Music Diplomacy programs to provide opportunities for cultural understanding through music and are proud to announce our affiliation with a new music club for ukulele players at Arizona State University.  Our foundation is embedded in their constitution. The members will have the opportunity to become Goodwill Ambassadors to ‘Elvie’s Village’ in the Philippines and communicate with the music students via modern technology, as participants in international relations through a shared passion for music.

Image: Officers of the Ukulele Club at ASU including founder and president, Katie DeMassa, with JJMF Executive Director Joanne Jolee, JJMF President Bill Jaffa, and Elvie Manschot (Elvies’ Village)

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