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College Board Reports Support Arts Standards

“If we as a nation are serious about building a road to success for every student, we must include the arts in curricular planning from the elementary through college levels. It is clear from the research that learning through the arts provides the type of emotional, creative and expressive development that students can benefit from throughout their lives.”

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Medical Benefits of Playing Music

There are numerous documented psychological and physiological health benefits that can be derived from playing a musical instrument, especially those that can help with coping with stress and anxiety. Here are just some of the latest scientific findings that support the health benefits of playing music.

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Music and Health Care

Engaging in musical activities not only shapes the organization of the developing brain but also produces long-lasting changes even after brain maturation is complete. For example, those who frequently play a musical instrument are less likely to develop dementia compared to those who
do not, revealing that music works not only to train the brain, but also to protect cognitive functioning

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