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The evidence is overwhelming.

A music education for children is critical to their emotional and academic development, and daily music making for adults has extraordinary mental and physical health benefits. Our mission is to advance public awareness of these benefits and provide opportunities for music education to all ages. We endeavor to work with other advocates who also understand the empowerment that comes with learning to play music.

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September Newsletter

Inside the Music Room at Sunshine Acres

sunshine-acres-first-violin-class-8-25-15 (20)crp__optx400The foundation is sponsoring music lessons and providing music instruments to students.  We want to share with you the new music room at Sunshine Acres Children’s Home where we have classes  taught by teachers dedicated to fulfilling our mission. Young lives will be changed in this room!

August Newsletter

Songs from a Bomb Shelter

“We want to show the world that if you have a common love it doesn’t matter if you’re different, we will figure out a way to be friends.” Lian Najami.

bill-joanne-playing-cultures-haifa-israel-may-2015-sm-watch__1437948941_68.226.29.236In May, Bill and Joanne met with the leadership at Leo Baeck Education Center in Haifa, Israel. Their mission statement reads in part, “By approaching Arab and Jewish youth through the lens of music, Playing Cultures establishes a unique opportunity to transcend cultural barriers by catering to a passion for music and creativity inherent to all people.” Click on the image to see a clip of an interview with Lian, the lead person in Playing Cultures, and a sample of their music performed in their bomb shelter where they rehearse –  a song about friendship in Hebrew, Arabic, English and Russian, all blending together seamlessly.  Be inspired!

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The Power of Music

Daily music making is fast becoming a popular health and wellness
alternative, but it is simply the rebirth of an ancient philosophy.

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“I just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU for your scintillating visit to our retirees yesterday. I know many of us were challenged by your words and are rethinking our views on the part music can play in our own lives, as well as those of our children and grandchildren. Thank you so much for opening us up to these fascinating new ideas.” Claudia Carmichael, President Las Sendas Retirees, Mesa, Arizona

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